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Wellness Incentive Program

SACS Wellness Incentive Plan


Be WellSACS Employees enrolled in a medical plan can save on their medical deductible by participating in the Wellness Incentive Plan. Participants who fulfill the wellness requirements by the deadline will receive a Wellness Deductible Credit for the next calendar year. Credits will apply once you have met the full dollar amount of your deductible.

*** Your results are protected by Federal Law and will remain confidential. The District will only be notified of your participation and if you have completed all required actions within the program. Failure to participate does not render you ineligible for medical coverage. 

Be Well
SACS Onsite Clinic

Learn Well

LHN Portal Classes 

Live Well

LHN Challenges and More

Who can participate?
An employee enrolled in a medical plan offered by Southwest Allen County Schools.
How do I get started?
Complete a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) online via the Lutheran Health Network portal. This must be completed annually to start your Wellness Incentive points. 

*****  Click HERE to log in or register *****

Contact 260-434-0909 with any login/account issues. 
What is the best way to earn points quickly?
Participating in preventative care activities such as getting an annual wellness exam and receiving an annual flu shot will earn you a quick 150 points.

Completing the challenges are another opportunity for quick points. Some of these activities can be repeated for additional points. 

Completing a combination of these activities and meeting some of the biometric markers on your screening qualifies you for the Level 3 incentive! 
But this seems like a lot of work.....
Most of the challenges that are available this year require you to track behaviors over a specific period of time or to achieve a goal. Being active, dieting, getting adequate sleep and performing self-care behaviors are critical components that contribute to wellbeing, so it is important that we are aware of and practice these good habits. You may already be doing some of the activities so why not log them to earn some points! 

Not all activities have to be logged every day. For example, some logs, certificates, screen shots, or syncing your device can be uploaded at the end of the challenge period.

Don't forget, you can repeat many of these challenges as many times as you'd like during the incentive period. So if you regularly participate in community walk/run events or can hit 250,000 steps in a quarter, it is possible to repeat those challenges and earn points just for logging what you are already doing!