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eLearning Flex Days

   This school year, SACS has been approved for all students in grades 6-12 at Homestead, Summit, and Woodside to experience eLearning Flex Days. The eLearning Flex Day approval allows our schools to deliver content and learning activities to students electronically while teaching staff are provided professional learning opportunities designed to improve blended learning tech-niques and talents which then can be used in the 1 to 1 learning environment made possible by SACS student access to laptops and technology.
   To best prepare for Flex Days and the weather cancellation eLearning Days to come, Summit will conduct an “in-house” eLearning day on Wednesday, September 21. Students will be in school like a regular day, and they will complete eLearning assignments posted to Canvas under the guidance of their Advisory teacher. The goal for the day is to scaffold the eLearning experience for students and set the stage for future success. 
   On Tuesday October 25 and Wednesday November 16, Summit, Woodside and Homestead will conduct official eLearning Flex Days.  On these days, all students will be able to access assignments by 7:25AM, and teachers will be available for electronic office hours/contact time from noon to 2:55PM. All student work will be available via (Canvas) and will be created to maintain momentum in the classroom by being designed as a meaningful continuation of activities already in progress in the traditional classroom. We encourage all students to stay home and experience the digital learning. However, please know that the school building will be open and buses will run on these eLearning Flex Days for students/parents who decide that is the best option for their family. Foodservice will provide breakfast and lunch as usual. Instructional assistants will supervise students in the Media Center and be available to provide help with technology, but teachers will not be available for face-to-face contact at any time during the day. After school activities and practices will continue on campus as usual. Students who do not complete and submit all eLearning assignments from a Flex Day will be required to come to school on the next Flex Day.
We look forward to our continued growth in creating a blended learning environment and developing 21st century learners.
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The eLearning Flex Days are:
Tuesday, October 25, 2016
Wednesday, November 16, 2016