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Meghan Skelton Haverhill Elementary 2nd Grade

Meghan Skelton regularly tweets pictures of what her kids are doing in class.  This gives parents a real-time glimpse into the great instruction taking place on a daily basis.  Here is one example of how she is using iPad’s to enhance a math lesson:


“One routine our class does during math rotations is called “number talk.” I pose an equation and the students come up with an answer using a strategy that makes sense to each of them. We then look at the strategies used and analyze, look for patterns, and make critiques. I decided that by having students use a discussion on Canvas for our daily number talk, they could upload pictures that show each of their thinking. The students were then able to see visual representations of many different strategies that were used and ask questions, get clarification, explain their thinking further, etc.”  ~Meghan Skelton
Twitter Pic