Employee Information and Forms

Acceptable Use Policy

The use of internet should be based on specific job and curriculum-driven objective and goals. 

Bullying Prevention

All employees will receive training covering the district’s bullying prevention and reporting policy. Employees who have direct, ongoing contact with students will receive annual training focused on bullying prevention and intervention.
Online Training:
If an employee or parent volunteer chooses online training, he/she must watch the following video in its entirety. At the completion of the video, an email will be sent to the district to verify the employee or parent volunteer has competed training.

Conference Meeting Application

Use this document to apply for a professional conference/ meeting.

Employee Assistant Program (EAP)

New Avenues, who recently merged with Weber & Associates, Inc., to offer an Employee Assistant Program (EAP).  This is a FREE, confidential counseling service that is provided to all our employees and their immediate family members.  Our intent is to provide our employees and their dependents with an opportunity to obtain assistance before a problem begins to affect their personal lives and work performance.  The counselors at New Avenues can help with marital, family, or financial problems as well as many other emotional or abuse issues.
Click here for further information. 

Field Trip Application

Field Trip Application (to be completed by teacher)

Forms for Staff

Here you will find useful forms such as 403 guidelines, direct deposit lists and W-4 Tax forms. And more...

Health Care Clinic

Employees of SACS, as well as their families, have access to a healthcare clinic conveniently located in Homestead High School’s Ninth Grade Academy building. Take care of your minor medical needs—from sore throats to blood pressure checks to blood glucose testing—in a clinic created just for you.

Human Resources

Link to SACS Human Resources
Human Resources

Indiana Department of Education

Resources from the Department of Education

Pay Check Information

Paycheck information and other important forms may be found here.

Report Bullying

To report instances of bullying, please download this form and fill it out as completely as possible. 

SACS Curriculum

Links are listed for different areas of study.

Technology Links

District Technology Links

Technology Training

You may register for technology training and find calendar events for training here.