Trustees Approve 3-Tier Transportation Model

School Board Approves Transportation Model & New Start and End Times
Posted on 03/22/2023

SACS School Board Approves Three-Tier Transportation Model

After months of discussion, on March 21, 2023,  SACS School Board approved the Three-Tier Model for SACS Transportation. The new tiered system will begin at the start of the 2023-2024 school year. 

The three tier approach will require SACS to stagger the elementary, middle, and high school start and end times to improve the availability of drivers; increase the efficiency and reliability of bus routes; create shorter travel times for students; lower fuel costs by decreasing the number of buses needed; and reduce traffic congestion in and around schools throughout the district.

After presenting several options using the three tiered system, as well as collecting input from SACS families, the school board unanimously approved the following:

Image of three tiered schedule

For several years, SACS, along with other school districts across the country, have faced severe Transportation staffing shortages and increased expenses. With no end in sight to these ongoing issues, coupled with the continued growth throughout the SACS district, SACS Transportation brought forth the three-tier transportation model as an option to improve its service.  

SACS created a brief video that explains the three-tier model and the approved option.