Megan Beckman Named SACS Teacher of the Year
Posted on 05/26/2021

Megan Beckman Named Southwest Allen County School District 2021 Teacher of the Year

Southwest Allen County Schools (SACS) administrative staff announced Homestead High School Latin teacher Megan Beckman as the district’s 2021 Teacher of the Year (TOY).  The surprise announcement was made during an end- of-year staff meeting.

Surrounded by coworkers and friends cheering, Megan Beckman thanked her peers. “There are so many excellent teachers in the SACS district. I am the teacher that I am today because I have been surrounded by amazing colleagues. It is an honor to represent them as this year’s TOY.”

Beckman joined SACS eight years ago. She not only teaches at Homestead High School, she travels to both Summit and Woodside Middle school to teach Latin, is an eSACS teacher, and sponsors Latin Club. She also spearheads professional development leading multiple training sessions both on technology in the classroom and mastery learning throughout the district.

“Ms. Beckman selflessly shares her time, energy, knowledge, and skills with both her students and colleagues, each and every day,” said Susan Summers, assistant principal, Homestead High School. “Her work ethic is unmatched. She is always looking for new and better ways to provide her students with an outstanding experience in Latin. In addition, she proactively finds ways to contribute to the culture and academic intensity of Homestead by creating adult learning opportunities that are practical, useful, effective and very accessible.”

While today’s SACS District Teacher of the Year is her most recent award, Megan was also was named 2021 Indiana Classical Conference (ICC) K-12 Teacher of the Year, an award given to outstanding K-12 teachers in recognition of their excellence in teaching, service to students, and advancement of Classics in the State of Indiana.

“I know many of my students are taking Latin for the language requirement and will not go on to study it beyond high school. My goal is to help them become better learners and make connections with other classes,” said Beckman. “Even though they might not study or read Latin after my classes, I know they can apply the skills they learned from Latin in other classes and situations.”

SACS’ Teacher of the Year award is designed to honor, promote and celebrate excellence in the teaching profession. Candidates for Teacher of the Year are nominated by building principals with finalists chosen by a committee comprised of administrators, parents and past Teacher of the Year winners. The other finalists this year included:

Heidi Wilhelm, grade 4, Aboite Elementary

Betsy Brooks, grade 1, Covington Elementary

Courtney Wennemar, grade 5, Deer Ridge Elementary

Sarah Kent, kindergarten, Haverhill Elementary

Samantha Rolf, grade 2, Lafayette Meadows Elementary

Lisa Wybo, grade 4, Whispering Meadows Elementary

Christina Morris, Science, grade 6, Summit Middle School

Jeanne Hoffman, Family and Consumer Science, Woodside Middle School

As the SACS Teacher of the Year, Beckman will also be nominated for 2022 Indiana Teacher of the Year.