Our Team

our team


 image of Patty Hartman

Dr. Patricia Hartman, BCBA

Director of Special Education 
Office: 260-431-2040 
FAX: 260-431-2047
   Image of Lindsay Wolf

   Lindsay D. Wolf

   Assistant Director 
   Office: 260-431-2040 
   FAX: 260-431-2047


  Image of Picture Coming Soon Placeholder      

Michelle Gossett
Office Administrator
Office: 260-431-2040
FAX: 260-431-2047

   Image of T. Chase Treasurer

   Theresa Chase
   FAX: 260-431-2047


district Psychologists

  • Kimberly Burns
  • Lori Fleshman
  • Alice Hensley
  • Heidi Scales
  • Joshua Brown, INTERN (University of St. Francis)

district Itinerants and Related Services

  • Yvonne Park
  • Alison Sheets
  • Julie Pettibone
  • Ashley Weaver
  • Holly Steward
  • Susan Weaver
  • Abby Moore
  • Katina Petroff
  • Lisa Darmawan