ACELINK -Video Conference Procedures

SACS has 2 Tandberg video conferencing units available for use throughout the district. These cameras allow live interaction with another classroom or presenter. SACS has already enjoyed many virtual field trips across town, the USA, and even to Spain! It has also been used for collaboration between schools without having to travel.

Scheduling Video Conferencing Equipment

In order to insure that the video conferencing equipment is available on the date sand times you would like to schedule a video conference, a district Video Conferencing calendar has been created and shared with the Media Specialist in your building. The district has only 2 units, so it is imperative that you follow the correct procedures to insure that the equipment is available on the date you need.

  1. Do not schedule a video conference until you check with your building Media Specialist to see if the equipment is available on the dates and times you need.
  2. If the date is available the Media Specialist/Computer Specialist will work with SETS to schedule the equipment.
  3. SETS will send the equipment to the Media Specialist one day before your conference is scheduled.
  4. Please return the equipment no later than the day following the conference.
  5. Please report any damage to the equipment to your building Media Specialist(broken cable, bad speaker, etc)

There are many sites listing video conference opportunities. The best for our area is our own ACELINK,an Allen County group dedicated to facilitating these connections. There are several links on that page listing options. Other links for content providers are listed below.

ACELINK also sends periodic e-mails announcing available programs.

Databases for Finding Content Providers