Language Arts - Grade 8

Language Arts, grade 8, based on Indiana’s Academic Standards for English/Language Arts, is integrated instruction emphasizing reading, writing, speaking, listening, and media interest and age-appropriate content. Students begin to study the history and development of English vocabulary. Students begin to compare different types of writing as well as different perspectives on similar topics or themes. Students evaluate the logic of informational texts and analyze how literature reflects the backgrounds, attitudes, and beliefs of the authors. Students read and respond to fiction selections, such as classic and contemporary literature, historical fiction, fantasy or science fiction, mystery or adventure, folklore or 12 Indiana Department of Education Elementary and Middle Level Subject Descriptions mythology, poetry, short stories, and dramas, and nonfiction selections, such as subject area books, biographies or autobiographies, magazines and newspapers, various reference or technical materials, and online information. Students self-select books of interest and read independently for enjoyment. Students get ready for the language challenges of high school materials. Using oral discussion, reading, writing, art, music, movement, and drama, students respond to fiction, nonfiction, and informational selections or reality- based experiences, multimedia presentations, and classroom or group experiences. Students not only write or deliver research reports but also conduct their own research. Students use subordination, coordination, noun phrases and other devices of English language conventions to indicate clearly the relationship between ideas. Students deliver a variety of types of presentations and effectively respond to questions and concerns from the audience. Students also listen to literature read aloud to them and write independently for enjoyment.