Social Studies - Grade 7

grade 7 Social Studies

Students in grade 7 explore the history, geography, government, economic systems, current issues, and cultures of the Eastern World with an emphasis on: (1) Asia, (2) Africa, (3) the Middle East, (4) the Pacific Islands, (5) Australia, and (6) New Zealand. Learning experiences for students in grade 7 should help them to make the transition from concrete information to abstract ideas, concepts, and generalizations. In-depth studies provide greater understanding of environmental influences on economic, cultural, and political institutions. Opportunities to develop thinking and research skills include reading and interpreting maps, graphs, and charts. Decision-making and problem-solving activities should include the following: (1) identifying problems, issues and questions; (2) information gathering; (3) hypothesizing; and (4) evaluating alternative solutions and actions. Along with the current academic standards for this 48 Indiana Department of Education Elementary and Middle Level Subject Descriptions subject, the History/Social Studies Content Area Literacy Standards are incorporated with the expectation of a continuum of reading and writing skills development.