Instructional Assistant

Instructional Assistant: Special Needs

Description: Acts as an extension of the classroom Teacher. May work individually with students in order to meet their needs.
Requirements: Must be patient and have a desire to work with our kiddos. Some positions require only a high school diploma while others require 2 years of post secondary school or the ability to pass the ParaPro Assessment exam. Intense Intervention must pass a 50 lbs. lift test.
Hours: Mild Intervention: 5.5 hours/day; Intense Intervention: 5.5-7 hours/day. Instructional Assistants do not work during the summer months or on any days when school is not in session.
Benefits: There are no benefits offered with this position. Positions with 6.5 + hours/day are eligible for medical coverage only.

 Application:      Instructional Assistant Application