"I Can" Demonstrated Skills

 "I CAN"
Kindergarten Readiness Checklist

Kindergarten teachers have complied a list of important "I Can" skills/ school readiness skills that can indicate a child's readiness for kindergarten. Although not requirements, the transition to kindergarten will be easier for the child if they are familiar with these concepts. (Click here for a PDF of these lists.)

"I CAN" - Social, Emotional and Self Help Behaviors

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  • follow simple rules   

  • pay attention for short periods of time to adult directed tasks 

  • separate from my caregivers without being upset

  • put on my coat and zip it up

  • tie my shoes

  • take turns

  • share with others

  • sit quietly and listen without interrupting

  • follow simple directions

  • use the bathroom by myself (including zipping/buttoning pants)

  • put on my backpack

  • hold a pencil or crayon

  • cut with scissors

  • put things away

  • hang my backpack on a hook

  • wash my hand with soap

  • use a tissue to wipe my nose

  • cough into my elbow

  • stand in line

  • drink from a drinking fountain

  • open any food containers in my lunch

  • raise my hand and wait to be called on

"I CAN" - Academic Skills

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  • recognize, name and trace basic shapes

  • count and recognize numbers 1-10, even when out of order

  • count 10 objects pointing to each one as I count

  • say or sing the alphabet

  • recognize the letters of the alphabet, both upper and lowercase

  • identify colors in an 8-ct crayon pack

  • sort items by size, color or shape

  • speak understandably and in complete sentences

  • recognize and write my first name

  • tell if two words rhyme

  • identify some letter sounds

  • recognize some sight words like "go"

  • hold a book and turn the pages

  • look at pictures and then tell stories