eLearning Day Specifics

Specific Information on Snow/Inclement Day Make in SACS

SACS is excited to offer elearning days in place of snow day vacations away from learning which later need to be made up Often these make up days are at the end of the year and do not always reflect the learning that was needed at the time of the day off. It is a goal of SACS to allow elearning days to be student and teacher working days where blended learning activities allow students to continue to make educational progress.Please take a moment to review the video below in reference to procedures regarding SACS Snow/Inclement Day Make Up. After the video please feel free to read more in regards to snow/inclement day policies.

Snow Day and Inclement Weather Day Specific

  • There are still make up days on the calendar (The first two always being MKL and Presidents Day. Make Up days will still be used at district discretion
  • All lessons will be posted on class websites by schools at that schools assigned time (Please check specific school website)
  • Assignments have flexibility as far as due dates. If there is no connection or technology problems at home please do not travel in hazardous conditions in order to get a connection
  • Teachers will keep office hours and will post those hours for students