SACS E-Learning... The Future of Learning... Today!

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The SACS E-Learning initiative is a coordinated experience that includes the SACS 1 to 1 Program. The 1:1 program and e-learning initiative both have a vision that provides students a sense of engagement allowing each individual to be at the center of their learning. Through this empowerment students in SACS become seekers of information and creators of new knowledge. It is a district goal that the 1:1 and e-learning initiative be transparent while facilitating rigor and authentic learning. The district 1:1 program and e-learning initiative provide a foundation for the important skills of collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity to be infused and assessed assisting students in college and career readiness. It is a SACS mission to have the 1:1 program and e-learning initiative drive classroom transformation, allowing for student centered learning, blended classroom and real world experiences, and a development of a robust digital curriculum. Welcome to the future!