Our History

Welcome to Southwest Allen County Schools

The Southwest Allen County School District is an award winning school corporation that serves more than 7,800 students, and is known for high-quality programs, quality teachers, supportive learning environments, and strong parental and community support.

Whether you were born in the area or you are looking to call Southwest Allen County your new home, we welcome the opportunity for you and your family to become part of our growing school family.

Our Logo and a Bit of History

Center School The old school bell logo has long been a symbol of the schools of Southwest Allen County. The Southwest community, an area rich in the tradition of education and learning, has taken great pains to preserve the Old Center School. This one-room schoolhouse was the foundation of public education in Southwest Allen County.

Center School was built in 1893, on the corner of what is now Aboite Center Road and Homestead Road. This was the center of Aboite Township, hence its name. In June of 1993, the schoolhouse was carefully moved 3/10th of a mile east on Aboite Center Road. The Old Center School was then restored in the summer of 1995. This restoration won an Archie Award from the Arch Foundation that year.

The schoolhouse is constructed of local brick. The slate roof and copper ridge caps were once the base to the old school bell. Inside, the original flooring, oak woodwork, and arches have been restored to its original condition in the late 1800's.

In 1946 consolidation of small schools in Indiana was on the rise. This was the year Center School was retired from the township school system.

Today, students still attend the one-room schoolhouse to reflect on the past and learn about Fort Wayne, Indiana, and world history.

The bell tower with its copper cap can be heard over a mile away. The school bell you see on all district communications represents the bell that played such an important role at Center School over one hundred years ago. Listen closely and you can still hear the ringing of what we believe to be the best public education of the past, present and future!

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