What will it cost?

What's the Cost?

In November voters may vote to renew the referendum at the current approved rate of 15 cents per $100 assessed value.

The current levy was overwhelmingly passed in 2016. SACS district leaders at the time capped collection of the levy at $3.5M. If the 2022 renewal is passed, the rate will not change and will remain at 15 cents per $100 assessed value, but the levy will no longer be capped. An estimated cost chart is available below.

Assessed value is NOT the same number as what your house may sell for if you were to list your home today. To view the assessed value of of your home you may visit allencounty.us/Public-access-tax-info.

*Calculations in the chart below assume the home is qualified as a "homestead" in Indiana, is receiving the mortgage reduction of $3,000 off of the property value, and that the property owner can deduct the cost of local property taxes against their Federal Income taxes at a Federal Tax rate of 15%.  All values have been rounded to nearest $1.

Image of chart

**The table above is intended for illustrative purposes only. If you have questions, please consult your personal tax advisor.