What Does that Mean?

Ever hear students talking about something and it doesn’t make sense to you?
Ever wonder what is the meaning behind some of the stuff they wear these days?

Ever wonder what new dangerous things they might be getting into?

Below are a few pictures and explanations of the latest and greatest things you may be seeing around the building or hear being discussed.  Thanks for your continued interest in helping to keep our kids on the right track! 


Local Perspective on the Epidemic That's Sweeping the Nation 

With the increase of opiate use, the Fort Wayne -Allen County Department of Health has developed a video series designed to educate our community about this public health issue.  We encourage you to visit the Health Department's website and video series.  
“Allen County is not immune to the national opiate crisis.  We too are seeing a significant increase in opiate addiction, accidental overdose deaths, transmission of HIV and Hepatitis and other adverse social and economic outcomes related to use and misuse of prescription and illegal opioids.  This is a problem that, one way or another, affects us all personally, professional or economically.  To adequately address a problem of this magnitude will require the efforts of parents, health and mental health/addiction providers, law enforcement and public safety and public officials.  This video series provides an opportunity to hear about the fundamentals and magnitude of this problem from local and state experts.  Please take advantage of this opportunity to become familiar with this important public health issue so that you too can play a role in reversing this crisis.”
Deborah McMahan, MD
Allen County Health Commissioner