Primary Teachers

kids reading As part of our implementation of balanced literacy, you probably have worked to find and use many interactive read aloud texts. One way to make these texts really work for you is to pick between 5 to 10 that you can use more than once. That means you may not read them in depth more than once or twice, but they lend themselves to multiple uses for both reading and writing instruction, and mini-lessons. To use a familiar text multiple times is part of working "smarter not harder." Post it notes can be numbered and reused for text readings and repeated book walks. Color-coding for the different skills and strategies makes marking your book for instruction quite fast and easy. Example ideas for this type of "anchor" or "touchstone" text are:


Reading Themes: Friendship, Caring, Aging, Memories

Story Elements: Setting, Character Traits, Plot Development, Genre

Strategic Actions: Inferring, Predicting, Connections, Synthesizing, Critiquing

Within the Text: Notice and derive information from pictures (F & P Continuum 1st grade)

Beyond the Text: Make predictions about what the character is likely to do. (F& P Continuum 1st grade)

About the Text: Notice the writer's use of language. (F & P Continuum 2nd grade)

Writing Seeds: Memories I Have, People I Care About, When I Helped Someone, Writing From a Question, Important Older People in My Life, etc.

Writer's Craft: Framing Questions Text, Repetitions and Complete Sentence Fragments (Rauline's training and Wondrous Words by Katie Wood Ray)

Looking at text for multiple uses allows students to look deeply at that text and form many learning connections. Feel free to contact me if you need some assistance choosing anchor text for multiple purposes.