Five New Buses with Seat Belts

SACS to Introduce Five New Buses Equipped with Seat Belts
Posted on 11/26/2018

Beginning Wednesday, November 28, five new buses equipped with seat belts will join SACS' Transportation fleet.  Below is a list of the buses to be replaced along with the corresponding NEW bus number. 

Old Bus Number                  New Bus Number

Bus #42                                  #43

Bus #14                                  #14

Bus #41                                  #10

Bus #21                                  #45

Bus #30                                  #2

Each seat in the new buses feature three lap-shoulder seat belts that can secure three elementary students or two middle or high school students.

Drivers will practice fastening seat belts with students and will inspect each seat when buses are loaded to ensure the students are safely buckled. Students will be required to wear the seat belts whenever the bus is in motion. Students who fail to adhere to SACS seat belt policy may face disciplinary action. Transportation’s seat belt policy can be found below and in the Student/Parent Handbook.

Seat Belt Usage Policy

The Southwest Allen County School Board has established a policy for seat belt use on school buses. This policy pertains to all students and other passengers transported on Corporation buses to and from their homes, on field trips, sports activities, after school activities, and all other Southwest Allen County School related activities.

All those riding buses equipped with seat belts, shall wear their seat belts at all times except when boarding the bus and they shall be kept fastened until the individual is departing the bus. School bus monitors shall wear seat belts when they do not need to be out of their seats for student management. At no time shall seat belts be released before the bus has come to a complete stop.

Students who fail to adhere to this seat belt policy may face disciplinary action.

Any passenger who fails to adhere to this seat belt policy may face suspended riding privileges from the bus and district vehicles.

SACS is committed to the safety of its staff and students. All future bus purchases to SACS’ fleet will be seat belt-equipped.

If you have any questions please contact SACS Transportation at (260) 431-2070. 

Please encourage your student to buckle up. Your support is appreciated.