Find Your School

Find Your School 
We are offering two ways to Find Your School

Are you wondering what school your child will attend? SACS is pleased to provide you with two different links to help you determine what school/s serve the location you are interested in.

1. Infofinder - Is designed to help you locate schools inside the SACS boundaries. Infofinder will also provide you with bus stops locations and times. 

Please visit: 

a. In the upper left corner of the screen, enter the address under the Search menu.

b. After entering the desired address select the search button.

c. Your location will be marked and the appropriate schools will be listed on the left of your screen.

d. Your bus stop location will be marked if the current address is up to date with SACS.

e. Other information about the school will be available by hovering your mouse over their title.

2. Allen County offers a resource that provides you with information about school boundaries through out the county. This site is called Find My School. By clicking the link below, you are able to enter a specific address to 

Please visit

a. In the upper left corner of the screen, enter the numerical address in question in the black
Search by Address box.

b. After address is typed, click on the magnifying glass.

c. Your location will be marked the appropriate schools will be listed.

d. Complete instructions can be found by clicking on the help "?" in the right hand corner of the screen.
Find my school map

DISCLAIMER: The information with website provides is for general use purposes. Every effort is made to ensure accuracy. If your address lies on a border road of an individual school boundary, please contact the Transportation Department at 260-431-2070.